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* Visit the website on fossils * Read about the different types of fossils. * Take a quiz on fossils. NOTE: You may proceed to 'Task 2' only when you are done with task 1. Task 2 Respond to the following questions on science class blog: * Explain the following: 1. Mold 2. Cast 3. True Fossil 4. Trace Fossil

Index fossils are fossils from a species that existed on Earth for relatively short periods of time and were abundant and widespread. This method is called radiometric dating. In this Virtual Lab you will confirm or refute the age of a rare fossil and determine when the organism that produced it was alive.

VIrtual Lab-Fossil Dating - NGSS Hub A virtual lab is part of a lesson. It is used as a tool for observation and data collection, immersed in instructional content with relevant concepts and other learning objects such as videos and animations. Sample Virtual Labs: Earth Science Earth Science: Rocks and Minerals Background. In this lab,

Best Virtual Lab Activities for the Classroom - WeAreTeachers. HHMI’s BioInteractive site features virtual labs on lizard evolution, bacterial identification, cardiology, and more. 5. Pearson Lab Bench. Similar to the Glencoe labs, these Pearson biology labs are designed to accompany their textbooks but can be used ...

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Virtual lab: Protein sequencing. Objective: To determine the protein sequence by Edman degradation method. Virtual lab: X chromosome inactivation (Lyonization). Objective

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This image shows tropospheric HCHO measurements from GOME for summertime (July 1996). Over the U.S., isoprene from trees is a major source of HCHO, while for Southeast Asia, sources include vegetation, biomass burning, and human activity (agriculture, fossil-fuel use). Virtual Labresources. a) b) and c) are activities to make the students think about the resources they already know. ENERGY RESOURCES - XTEC in the _____, the energy to power lamps, heat houses, and run vehicles comes mostly from non-renewable energy resources, such as fossil fuels. Fossil. coal, oil, also called petroleum, and natural gas are ... Post-lab Questions 1. Copper acetate containing 64Cu is used to study brain tumors. This isotope has a half-life of 12.7 hours. If you begin with 25.0ug of 64Cu, what mass is micrograms remains after 63.5 hours? 2. The oldest-known fossil found in South Africa has been dated based on the decay of Rb-87. 87Rb → 87Sr +0-1 β t ½ The theory predicts evolutionary change, but the changes occur over short periods of time during speciation events. The populations will experience stasis, where they are living, dying, and becoming fossilized (becoming part of the fossil record); during this period you will see little observable evolution when analyzing the fossil record.